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All beings are temporary because there is nothing internal or external that is permanent and remains constant and unchangeable. All « objects» decompose and get destroyed, everything is constantly changing. Everything changes constantly and continuously. The existence is like the running water of a river or a candle flame, that is never the same. Our body for example is made of material elements such as flesh, bones and blood, which are temporary.
Everything changes constantly and continuously
By Shi Yan Zhuo
From the moment of our birth, our body is constantly subject to changes. The human mind is also dependent on many factors and is in continuous change. It's like the monkey that is always jumping and never stands still, even for a moment.

Therefore either the body or mind are permanent and unchanged. The science says that even the seemingly immutable objects like the oceans, the continents, the mountains, even the earth, the sun and the solar system are constantly changing and one day will vanish. When all these are also objects that  decompose and get destroyed, then one can not dispute the transience of life. Life can end at any time. No one can escape death and decomposition [destruction] of the body. From the understanding of the characteristic of impermanence and the temporary, one benefits in terms of two major paths.

First, it can improve human relationships and actions, and secondly, it can encourage people to follow the path that Buddha first marched and then taught.

People often discover that they make mistakes in their relations with others because they are unable to calculate and understand the changes that constantly occur in themselves and in others. Friendships often die because one or both parties fail to realize that their friend's personality, interests, habits and attitudes have changed. When one realizes that people and situations are temporary and constantly changing, altered, then he can approach every moment his relationship with an open mind. Then he will be able to do, to act in every new situation without hanging on outdated ideas about people. Then relations can develop into fruitful. Success in life depends on man's ability to adapt to change and to make more and more opportunities to come up. Having understood that youth, health, material prosperity, and even life itself is temporary, then people should care to enjoy them as long as they last. That means they must practice the path of the noble truths in order to achieve happiness and enlightenment.
The last words of Buddha were:
"All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation."

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